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Shop / LIGHTCUBES Series "Minigroove"
Shop / LIGHTCUBES Series "Minigroove"
Shop / LIGHTCUBES Series "Minigroove"
Paper Texture


New launch !


4 x Cubes: 7cm ⌀

4 x Cork bases 7cm ⌀

4 x Tea lights
(made from eco-friendly,
100% vegan wax in recycled
transparent containers)


LIGHTCUBES is an eco-friendly
nd sustainable product.

The cubes are made from transparent paper and fitted with a removable, specifically crafted cork base to securely hold the included tea light.

The combined items are carefully sourced and chosen to respect the environment.
The cubes come flat-packed in a cardboard box. 

The series "Minigroove" was designed with
a mix of an
tiquarian music material combined 
with my own ink-illustrations


New designs will be developed on a continuous 
basis. If you wish to be informed once they are 
online, please drop me an email:



Shop / LIGHTCUBES Series "Minigroove "/ English / German
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