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LC 2020_EL1
4 items incl cork base 
and tealights 
Minimum delivery costs 4 EUR for Europe
Delivery after receipt of payment
EUR 15.80



These special atmospheric cubes are made from transparent paper and fitted with a removable, specifically crafted cork base to hold a tealight. LIGHT©CUBES are eco-friendly and the items used where sourced with great care to support the environment.

The four cubes come flat-packed, incl. base and tealights, in a cardboard packaging printed with eco-friendly colours. The tealights are made from soy/rapeseed oils in recycled clear recyclable containers.

Cork is a natural product in itself.

You can chose from the designs displayed which of the four you wish to have or you can order the complete series as displayed.

  • Care instructions

These transparent light cubes can be flammable and the printed paper is non-water-resistant. Please handle with care and never leave them unattended or near other flammable objects such as curtains or computers etc.

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