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Born in Mainz, Germany.


Training in general nursing. Employments as professional nurse in Germany until 2007. Registered with the Irish Nursing Board and working part-time as general nurse again since 2017.

1998 - 2007 

Freelancer in various design agencies in Germany. At the same time studies in Graphic Design at the Universities Of Applied Science Wiesbaden and Mainz. After pausing a year for personal reasons, graduation with a first university degree in 2007.

2002 - 2005  

Training in self-awareness and specific therapy techniques with Rosmarie und Ulrich Lipp in Westerwald, Germany.


Ireland. Until 2010 In-House Designer of a packaging company in Limerick.


Launch of my label ‘nestbox’ illustration&design.

Music | Interests

Tango, E-Bass, Archery, Design&Illustration, Singing, Travelling and many more treasured passions.

Jazz performances and workshops from 2007 on.

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