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The JAZZ JAM SESSION PROJECT was initiated in Spring 2022 by Birgit Burhenne, an experienced and versatile singer who fell in love playing electrical bass and Joe O'Callaghan, a professional musician and one of the best jazz guitarists in Ireland.

The project was first planned as an annual event over the summer. The first term ran for 7 sessions from June to August which took place at the Piano Bar, 101 O'Connell St, Limerick and was attended very well by both beginners and advanced musicians. Even professional guest musicians from abroad who had asked around if there were any jam sessions available in Limerick, came to the twice monthly set jazz nights and praised its vibrant feel, location and great interaction between musicians of all levels.

After the annual Jazz Festival Limerick in September '22 and the end of the jam session term, participants of the JAZZ JAM SESSIONS LIMERICK hoped to proceed playing music together which led into the JAZZ JAM WINTER SESSIONS 2022, held at the Record room at the Commercial Bar, Limerick.

In 2023, the JAZZ JAM SESSION PROJECT 2023 resumes with a longer term, running from April until October with 2 sessions per month.The venue remains at the Record room at the Commercial Bar, Limerick.


All levels of experience are welcome.

Some impressions  

[Video taken in 2022 at 101, O'Connell St. ]  




We offer a jazzy and reclusive setting to jam and improvise and above all, to enjoy playing music together !

The project is a non-public session. Musicians who are interested to participate for the first time, can either get in touch with us by email or phone to get more information if needed or you can just come to one of the dates outlined. 

The sessions gives every participant the opportunity to relax into playing and sharing music with a group of other musicians of all levels. Every session will start with a free improv where everyone is invited to add a bit of daring vibe, the freedom of personal expression and unorderly sounding sound.

The JAZZ JAM SESSION is not a workshop with tutors ! It is a place to gain confidence with your instrument and to evolve skills and interests in the presence of other musicians, whether professional musicians or not.

Some of you might bring a lot of experience, others have not played or sang much in front or with anyone...

there won't be any critics, panels or competitions! Be attentive and listen to each other when playing. If someone gets lost, be supportive. The jam is a place where respect is as important as is your participation.


If you consider to take part in the jam session project it does not mean, we request you to sign up for ALL sessions. You choose the booking that suits you best and pay for it online. You can also pay at the session night.  


We prefer payment upfront for all booked sessions.



A list of the tunes will be handed out for everyone to have a look at and prepare some of them before a session. Song suggestions are also welcome on the night. This list is a guideline and does not imply you have to learn all listed tunes ! We can focus on those tunes for the coming sessions to have something, everyone might be able to play with a bit of preparation at home.

If you join the jazz jam, you will receive a password  to be able to download sheet music listed 
for the sessions, in concert, Bb and Eb, (for personal use only) by using the PDF icon below.


We will provide

  • Vocal amp with microphone and stand

  • Bass amp

  • Drums will be provided by Jam session drummer Eddie O'Donovan until organised otherwise

You need to bring 

  • Guitar amps 

  • Every participant should bring their own music stand and instrument lead, best with their name labelled onto it.

  • Keyboard ( please inform the organiser if you want to bring your keyboard so we can organise that only one instrument is provided. This should happen preferably in turns )

  • Quiet instruments like violin, cello, etc) please bring a pickup, a lead cord, and a small monitor amp if you feel 
you need to boost the volume of your instrument. 
Otherwise just bring your instrument.


APRIL   9 | 23

MAY  14 | 28

JUNE   11 | 25

JULY   9 | 23

AUGUST  13 | 27

SEPTEMBER  10 | 17

OCTOBER  15 | 29


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