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THE MYSTERIOUS MR. VALENTINE was born in 2014, in a bar during a friend's jazz gig. Only a few sessions later it was clear that we wanted to grow a repertoire of old classic jazz standards, contemporary songs in different arrangements and our own original work.


Sharing and developing this ACOUSTIC ADVENTURE always allows an energetic pool of creativity and spirit to improvise. We love to follow our personal style... to let things unfold as they come! Swing, Bossa & Tango, some Manouche, some Blues & some Reggae have all found a home in our repertoire.


Since we started working together we have played at a wide range of venues & events, including the Limerick Jazz Festival each year and we can provide an intimate musical setting for restaurants, house parties, weddings, exhibitions and pubs.



“...We love the beauty and wisdom of the old jazz songs as much as the contemporary pieces – if it hits you, lyrically and musically, whether from the past or the present, you have to plunge in it – songs we all know somehow and words we all share, in one way or another.”

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