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When starting a new project, there are steps of the graphic design process to follow that will help you to achieve the best results. Clear communication is the key to strong results for each project. It starts with an initial discussion about: your story, your approach, who you are trying to reach and the key goals involved. 


We can meet and talk about your project or discuss it on the phone or by email in detail. You will receive an offer and project timeline. This forms the foundation for your project. There is a 50% design deposit required in case a project will take longer than 1 month.




The developed ideas for a design, a slogan for a campaign, an image for a poster, a name for a website etc. will be visualized either by scribbles or computer layouts using PDF files. If you feel more comfortable with another way to view the layouts I can accommodate easily.

Usually 1-3 layouts will be provided.




I will send you the PDF proof(s) and make any necessary edits. There are two rounds of edits to reach the final design, making it perfect. Additional changes may be due after that, see more under terms&conditions please.

You approve the final design and I will send necessary files to the printer or another party involved. Turnaround for printing is dependent upon the quantity and complexity of the project.

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